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A Leading Provider of Litigation Document Review, Data Breach Notification Document Review, Contract Extraction and review/analysis and Technology-Enabled Legal Innovation Solutions.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0

About Us

Legal Outsourcing 2.0, as the name suggests, is the next generation of Legal Process Outsourcing. We provide technology-enabled solutions and services to law firms and corporations.

There are two major elements that help us deliver world class services to our clients and stand out among other LPOs. In the first place, we apply the latest innovative technologies, including natural language processing and machine learning, to solve problems and create efficiencies. Secondly, your point of contact is an experienced US-licensed attorney, who has been employed as a staff attorney by Am Law 100 law firms. That US presence assures that there are no miscommunications and because the US lawyer manages the project, the work delivered is of the highest standards.

The technology creates efficiencies – our American legal presence ensures quality.

All communications with the production team are directly carried out with a US-licensed attorney to ensure there are no miscommunications. We are unique in using a blended legal team which combines a rich mix of US legal talent together with an experienced Indian legal team.

Our Approach

Law firms produce more revenue the more hours they bill. We produce more revenue by creating efficiency.

Traditional LPOs charge a lower hourly rate, but their business model is the same hourly business model as a traditional law firm. That business model creates a disincentive to adopt new technology and create efficiency. Our approach is different.
We strive to produce the best results in the most efficient manner possible. By creating value, we in turn create a better product. By creating a better product, we have come to be known as one of the best LPOs in the business. This is our business model. It can be summed up by this equation:

[Technology + Labor Arbitrage] > Labor Arbitrage

The result: our solutions are better, faster and less expensive.

We hire world class employees, who work out of our 100+ seat world class production facility and we deliver world class results.

We obtain these superior results by complying with the highest industry standards.

Our physical security includes a guarded class A office building with a dedicated work space seating 130 employees, a camera system, two layers of biometric control, no cell phones in the work area, work stations not hooked up to printers, disabled ports where thumb drives might have access and controlled internet access.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to security, we are certified as ISO 27001 compliant.


Our Solutions

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 provides solutions that combine advanced technologies with a highly skilled legal workforce. We perform services in the areas of litigation document review, data breach notification document review,contract extraction and analysis and legal innovation solutions.

Litigation Document Review

Litigation Document Review

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 provides a secure managed litigation document review solution that meets your specific needs. Our solution is more secure, higher quality and offered at a lower price than the competition.

More Secure.

Physical security. Our review space is a stand-alone dedicated space. There are two levels of biometric access to where the work is performed. One to the office space generally where all purses, cell phones and belongings are stored. There is then a second level of biometric access separating that space from where the work is performed. The controlled workspace has computers with disabled ports so they cannot access a thumb drive or a printer. The space is monitored by a CCTV digital camera system.

Data remains with the client and is only viewed remotely using computers with restricted internet access, thus providing better data security.​​​ 

Better Quality.

Work is overseen by expert NY licensed Amlaw veteran discovery staff attorney through whom all instructions are given.
He then assures that all the work is delivered to the highest standard.

Lower Price.

Our all-in pricing is about half of the price of performing the services in the United States and generally about twenty to thirty percent lower than other India-based providers. We leverage our technological and legal expertise to create the best value possible and provide you with the most competitive pricing available.

Data Breach Notification Document Review

Data Breach Notification Document Review

Data breaches become more common and more severe every day. Once protected confidential or private information has been exposed, those people affected need to be notified. In order to notify individuals, the affected data needs to be reviewed so that those affected can be identified.

When a corporation, governmental entity, health care provider or educational institution is threatened by a data breach, time is of the essence. Security is paramount. Impeccable process, procedure and people need to be in place and available at a moment’s notice.

That is where we come in. We provide the human capital component which allows the world’s largest consultancies, approved vendors on hundreds of insurance panels, technologists in charge of determining there was a breach, the lawyers providing data breach counsel as well as the partners of affected entities where the data was accessed to provide timely notification to the people whose data was compromised.

Our data breach notification document review solution team are lawyers, full-time employees, trained and experienced. All work is performed in a highly secure environment. Our solution is immediately scalable and cost effective. In short, it is just what the doctor ordered in a time of need.

Contract Extraction and Contract Analysis

Contract Extraction & Analysis

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 uses AI-enabled solutions to slash the time and cost of extracting, reviewing and analyzing data from contracts as well as redlining contracts for clients.

With our AI contract extraction solution, we extract data from contracts, purchase orders, master service agreements, or any other type of agreement in order to permit the information to be efficiently uploaded into contract management software programs and become actionable information.

Additionally, using this solution, we analyze, compile or redline and then return contracts to clients, often comparing the contracts to our clients’ own best practices and playbook.

The time to perform these tasks using our solution is reduced by about two-thirds and the price is about half of the cost of performing the tasks without the use of AI.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate to you how we can compete successfully on price while delivering superior quality.

Legal Innovation Solutions

Legal Innovation Solutions

The legal industry is changing quickly, and Legal Outsourcing 2.0 is at the forefront of that change. We work with leading technology innovators and experts to develop solutions that bring efficiency to legal operations. We not only work with AI solutions; we are employed by AI companies to help create the solutions.  In fact, our first partner, LegalSifter, was a finalist for the ILTA 2019 Disrupter of the Year award. We have also been employed by Global 100 companies to help them create their internal legal AI solutions. In all our work we strive to be creative, technology-driven, change agents.

Need the latest legal AI solution? We have it.

Need help creating your own legal AI solution? We can do that too.

Want a trained offshore document review team to supplement your talent? We do that.

Troubleshooting a solution for your law firm or legal department and need some help? That is what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates LO2 from other legal outsourcing companies?

At LO2 we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We only hire the most experienced people to perform these services. All work is also managed by an American lawyer with AmLaw 100 experience. We understand and follow the same best practices of even the top law firms in our quality control and client interactions. We strive to create a work product which is only distinguishable from high-cost American legal services in price alone. In our case, you get much more than what you pay for.

Are there any issues with reviewing documents overseas?

For all our projects, no data is hosted abroad. Instead, all data is hosted in the United States and only accessed remotely via the cloud from overseas by the team. This is done by reviewing the documents through a tool. We can either use our clients review tool or we can provide our own instance.

How does LO2 prevent any security issues?

We are ISO27001 certified and constantly updating and increasing the sophistication of our security policies and procedures. Our review team and their computers are constantly monitored by our security team who runs reports and checks throughout the day to protect against any possible breach or threat. We often undergo security checks with our clients to ensure that their data is being handled with the utmost care. Our environment and policies meet the highest industry standards for workspace and hardware protections. From day one we have made it a point to have our security approach be something that our clients do not worry about, but instead, rely on as a reason they can trust us to handle and review their sensitive data abroad.

How do your rates work?

We have created a billing regiment that is streamlined and all-inclusive. We have both a per document and a per hour billing scheme. We provide our estimate at the beginning of each project for what we believe the total cost could be to our clients depending on which billing model they prefer. We want our clients to get the best deal possible. Another factor in that is that our billing is all-inclusive. We give a flat rate for both schemes and those are priced to include any extra costs such as project management time and hosting fees. In this we are very different than other legal service companies, whether they are using outsourcing or not. Most legal services companies will have pages of hidden fees depending on the hosting, overtime and project management fees. We include all of these in our flat rate billing schemes instead to streamline and make our billing transparent and easy to understand and budget.

What does a work product from LO2 look like?

No matter what type of legal work our clients have us perform we believe customization is the key to providing good service. What this means is that we build the work product or deliverable to match the needs of the client. In some cases, clients do not want any customization and in other cases every part of the deliverable is unique to a particular client, because of their individual needs. We also deal with clients who are new to certain legal services. In those instances, we walk them through the process, show them deliverable templates and help them decide how they want their work product to be structured. Our main philosophy is to match as best we can the requirements which our clients have for their product when we have finished our work.