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Friends and Partners

In business, as in life, you are known by the friends and partners you keep.  Who those friends and partners are say as much about you as it says about them.  We are particularly proud of ours. Our friends and partners are cutting edge disrupters in their own discreet areas, each effecting how law will soon be more widely, efficiently and economically, practiced.  We would like to think that their friendship and partnership reflects the same in us.

Artificial Intelligence and the Law – LegalSifter

Our first client was LegalSifter.  We don’t forget that.  We did not call on them.  They called on us.  Their CEO asked our CEO “Hey Harry, can your guys in India do….”  The rest is history.  We are doing the legal annotation part in the creation of the algorithms which are used to find legal concepts in unstructured data.  The feedback we get is both tangible, increasing the size of the team, and intangible, like notes from their CEO indicating they “are really happy with the way things are going.”  Both are important, but perhaps more important is knowing that we are doing work in Artificial Intelligence which will reshape how law is practiced and drive down the cost making it more available.  It is one thing to do good work.  It is another to change the world for the better.

We also use LegalSifter’s tools, ContractSifter for data extraction and will soon use LegalSifter for responding to client legal analysis needs.  Both tools are the finest tools of their type available in the world.  We know quite a bit about them.  We helped create them.

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