Legal Innovation Solutions

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 is about new approaches made available by new solutions driven by emerging technologies. That is the culture in which Legal Outsourcing 2.0 lives and thrives.

Breakthroughs in efficiency in the legal vertical are often a result of innovations in software and Artificial Intelligence, which use both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Not only is Legal Outsourcing 2.0 comfortable using these latest innovations to drive client value, we partner with innovators and help create it.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 helps Legal AI clients by performing the annotation work which is used in creating the algorithms which form the backbone of any Legal AI solution. Our lawyers perform the cutting edge legal analysis which forms the basis for the models which are developed for legal concepts. If you have used a legal concept search, as opposed to a word search, you may have already touched our work.

What Legal Outsourcing 2.0 tries to do when analyzing an opportunity is to determine the best solution for the client, not what maximizes Legal Outsourcing 2.0’s revenue. We believe in building long-term partnerships. How we approach smaller clients makes the point.

We partner with smaller law firms and corporations in providing a dedicated team of legal professionals.  They invest in the dedicated team and they enjoy the return on that investment. If a larger project comes up they can ramp up their team with others, but their dedicated team retains the firm training which it imparts to the expanded team and drives value.

We enter into each potential relationship and drill down to see what is the most efficient way to solve the problem using the latest tools. After we figure that out, we propose solutions which may, or may not, involve our services. We know that if we put your interest first, you will keep us in mind when we can be of assistance and from our perspective that is what drives real partnership.

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