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Legal Outsourcing 2.0

Meet Our People

To understand what Legal Outsourcing 2.0 is about, you need to meet our people. We are early adopters of technology and have put together a rich mix of quality US and Indian legal talent.

The ability of any company to deliver on its promises is only as good as the people charged with doing so. It is of little importance when a deadline is upon us, where the CEO went to school or what other companies they have worked for. What is important is the background, experience and character of the person designing the solution, overseeing the work and ensuring the quality of deliverables. Of equal importance is the background, experience and character of the person making sure the right mix of people are hired and rigorously trained so that they can flawlessly perform their duties. Success is driven by ability and attitude, not what is on a resume. The attitude of each of us at Legal Outsourcing 2.0 is to serve.

Our attitude was well stated one hundred thirty years ago, by a then little-known Indian attorney who wrote:

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

— Mahatma Gandhi, 1890

Meet Our Team

Harry Buck

Harry Buck

HARRY BUCK is the Founder and CEO of Legal Outsourcing 2.0. He oversees the operations in the United States from New York. His mission is to help guide Legal Outsourcing 2.0 to become the best LPO in the world. The quality of the service we provide is the metric by which he is judged.

Harry practiced law, mostly as a litigator, for about 15 years. During that time, he was twice elected as a State Bar Commissioner and he was also elected as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Harry’s first job in legal technology was with Document Technologies (now Epiq) in 2005. He was certified as a Litigation Support Professional and designed and sold discovery and document solutions for large law firms and corporations. He also worked for a couple smaller eDiscovery companies in New York before working in legal outsourcing.

Harry’s first job in legal outsourcing was in 2007, during the early days when legal outsourcing was a novelty and not well executed. He largely learned what did not work and why. After a couple years at a legal outsourcing solutions provider, Harry provided counsel to large IT companies and law firms interested in setting up a legal outsourcing function.

Harry left the legal outsourcing space and became a VP of Sales and Marketing for a legal productivity software company and later a Director of Growth and Partnership for a legal AI company, LegalSifter. While working for LegalSifter he was approached by a group that knew of him from his legal outsourcing days. Shortly thereafter Legal Outsourcing 2.0 was formed and Harry became its CEO.  LegalSifter became the company’s first client.

Under Harry’s guidance, the company has already begun to hit its stride.

The company’s initial focus was to help create high quality data from which algorithms could be developed for legal concepts.  We have helped develop close to 1,000 algorithms from early stage LegalSifter to a Global 100 electronics giant.

As a consequence of helping develop legal AI tools, we have developed expertise in creating deliverables by using the tools we helped develop and keep a team busy doing that.

We do litigation document reviews on behalf of smaller clients and small law firms to Global 100 clients with Amlaw 50 law firms.

Additionally, we perform data breach notification document reviews for several of the largest cyber security consultancies in the world and are one of only two data breach review partners of Canopy, the tool of choice for performing data breach analysis.

Harry received his BA from Brown University and his JD from Pace University School of Law.

He has been certified as a litigation support professional.

In his spare time, Harry serves as the president of the Metro NY Chapter of ACEDS.

Derek Stegelmeier

Derek Stegelmeier

DEREK STEGELMEIER works out of our New York office as a Director of Solutions and Deliverables. He is responsible for overseeing all phases of client deliverables and ensuring that the quality and expectations of the clients are met. He oversees the operations of our of e-Discovery/document review, contracts and data breach review divisions. 

Prior to joining Legal Outsourcing 2.0, Derek worked in complex domestic and international commercial and financial litigation for Jenner & Block, an Am Law 100 law firm, from their New York City office. His role was that of a Staff Attorney. His work included large international government investigations and matters. He was involved in all phases of a matter from supervising groups of over 100 attorneys during the discovery phase to managing complex matters through quality control in preparation for trial.

He has also been employed as a Staff Attorney – Litigation at Milbank Tweed, Hadley &McCloy, another Am Law 100 law firm, from their New York City headquarters office.  He has extensive experience with several document review platforms including Relativity, Goldfynch, Indexed I/O, iConnect and Ringtail as well as Contract Extraction software and Data Breach software such as Canopy. He is an early and enthusiastic adopter of new legal technologies.

At LO2, Derek is charged with leading the legal teams and is the client-facing liaison with our American clients and partner firms. He trains the attorneys, checks their quality and develops process improvements, based on data. This ensures the highest quality of work and builds on lessons learned from each project. He is responsible for all client deliverables and ensures a cohesive and quality product from beginning to end.

In 2010 Derek received a B.A. in Philosophy and German Linguistics from Brigham Young University where he graduated with Honors. Derek received his JD/MBA from Saint Louis University in 2013 with a focus on international law. Since 2014 Derek has been an active member of the New York State Bar and is on the board of the LGBT+ Section of the Bar.

Derek is certified as an e-Discovery Specialist by ACEDS. He is also a director at large for the Metro New York Chapter of ACEDS.

Derek is fluent in English, German, Dutch and Flemish.

Derek Stegelmeier

Joanne Shields

JOANNE SHIELDS is Director of Data Breach Review and splits her time between the US and India. She is responsible for all phases of data breach review ensuring quality deliverables and being the primary point of contact for Data Breach clients.

Prior to joining Legal Outsourcing 2.0, Joanne has spent the last 6 years in India managing, training, and overseeing data breach teams. She has been the Data Breach Director for teams of 500+ reviewers at various Indian offices for companies such as Epiq, Integreon, and UnitedLex. She has trained staff in all areas of data breach including: HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, PIPEDA as well as all types of industries such as health care, financial, insurance, and education as well as many others. After 6 years in India, she is an expert in directing Indian teams and bridging the knowledge gap between American/Western documents and Indian comprehension to ensure accurate identification of reportable data.

Before working in India, Joanne spent 15 years working as a Team Lead or Project Manager on Document Review projects for various law firms throughout Southern California.

Joanne has a BA in Fine Arts from University of California, Irvine and a JD from Western State University College of Law. She has been a member in good standing of the California Bar Association for over 20 years.

Derek Stegelmeier

Ron Madden

RON MADDEN, MA is our Director of Sales, Litigation Document Review, working out of New York. Throughout Ron’s 20+ year career in the legal vertical, he has focused on providing valuable support to clients throughout various stages of the litigation lifecycle, utilizing a combination of advanced technology and expert professional services. At Thomson Reuters, he was responsible for growing and maintaining a loyal client base of users of TR’s proprietary eDiscovery platform while also serving as an evangelist for the document review solutions of their Legal Managed Services team (the former Pangea3).  He also developed business for the litigation document review services of two legal process outsourcing companies. He has sold to trial teams in market segments ranging from AmLaw 100/200 firms, litigation boutiques, mid-to-large law firms, as well as to corporate law departments.

For much of his career, he sold jury consulting, graphics, and technical trial presentation services to trial teams on high stakes matters. In addition, he provided witness preparation and graphics consulting services on many of the projects he initiated. Working “in the trenches” with trial teams on these matters helped him to develop and maintain long-standing relationships with his clients. During the financial crisis in 2008-2010, however, when the demand for trial support services was significantly reduced, he migrated to the eDiscovery and managed document review field. He knew he had made the right move because within six months of joining a major LPO, he initiated a substantial document review project for a $9B+ cross-border bankruptcy litigation with the New York office of a “Magic Circle” firm.

Ron is passionate about providing the highest quality service to his clients. He has conceived, developed, and delivered 100s of CLE programs to US and Canadian law firms, corporate legal departments, bar associations, Federal and State court judges and, in the UK, for solicitors, barristers and high court justices.

He received his A.B. degree from Colgate University in the field of Anthropology & Sociology and his M.A. from The New School for Social Research (now known as The New School) in Media Studies & Communications. He wrote his thesis on the “impact of electronic communications media in the courtroom.”

Prior to entering the field of litigation support, Ron worked as an opera singer with international, regional, and local opera houses; played a leading role in a Broadway show; and also appeared on concert stages across the U.S. He is the bass section leader in his church choir and has been known to sing the bass solos in occasional oratorios or Bach Cantatas when time permits.

Ron lives in NYC and the Hudson Highlands with his wife and their three Persian cats.


Namrata Dutta

NAMRATA DUTTA works out of our Noida, India office and is our Director and Manager of Contracts. She leads a team that uses AI tools to extract complex contractual provisions and requirements from large volumes of contracts and presents the information to clients in an easily understood format.  She basically makes order out of chaos and shines light where there was darkness.

Namrata has gained significant experience in the legal process outsourcing space with Thomson Reuters, Xerox Business Solutions and Consilio. She has led document review projects and contract extraction projects and has earned the respect of her peers, not only for her sharp intellect but for her relentless work ethic and dedication to getting the project done right and on time.

Namrata completed her Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree in 2014 from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, India.


Navonil Bhattacharya

NAVONIL BHATTACHARYA works out of our Kolkata, India office and is our Director and Manager of e-Discovery Review and Technology Services. In this position he overseas Litigation document reviews, data breach reviews and legal AI development (annotation).

Navonil cut his teeth in the legal process outsourcing space with Thomson Reuters.  He started with Thomson Reuters (Pangea 3) shortly after graduating from law school and when he left almost 5 years later he had risen to the position of Assistant Manager, overseeing the work of about 60 other lawyers.

Navonil then pursued a joint European Master of Law and Economics in Europe, before returning to India to teach Business Law and Corporate Ethics.  Fortunately, Navonil has been bitten by the Legal Process Outsourcing bug and left teaching and has been working for us in our Indian office since.

Navonil oversees the teams performing reviews and he performs analyses that allow us to make data driven decisions as to the quality of the work done by team members so we can consistently deliver quality results.

Navonil is certified as an e-Discovery Specialist by ACEDS.

Navonil completed his Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Calcutta University, India in 2010. He also holds a Master of Law (triple degree program – European Master in Law and Economics – EMLE) in Law and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, University of Ghent, Belgium and University of Hamburg, Germany which he obtained in 2017.


Debadipta Bhattacharya

DEBADIPTA BHATTACHARYA works out of our Kolkata, India office and is our Manager of the Human Resources Department. She is charged with overseeing and supervising the Human Resources’ tasks and duties.

Debadipta started her career in 2013 with Quislex as an associate on the document review team. In 2016, She joined Lexplosion where she was involved in legal compliance related work. In 2018, Debadipta started working with Legal O2 as a senior legal associate on various teams and was promoted to a Team Lead. In 2019, She then pursued her MBA in HR administration and started as a Training Manager in 2021 after which she was promoted to HR  manager.

Debadipta completed her BA.LLB in 2013 from Vidyasagar University, WB, and completed her MBA in HR in 2021 from Makaut University.

Tanmoy Sukul

Tanmoy Sukul

TANMOY SUKUL works out of our Kolkata, India office and is our Manager of Data Breach Review. He is charged
with overseeing and supervising the Cybersecurity Incident Response activities and is a member is the
Company’s Data Security Committee.

Tanmoy started his career in 2014 with Pangea 3 (later Thomson Reuters, now EY) as an associate on the
document review team. In 2016 Tanmoy moved to Conduent initially as a senior associate performing
both document review and SAR reviews, the UK version of a data breach review. He was promoted to a
senior specialist. In 2018 Tanmoy was hired by Integreon as a senior associate performing data breach
review services. He joined us in 2020.

Tanmoy obtained his BA-LLB from Amity University in 2014.​

Tanmoy Sukul

Dipankar Majumdar

DIPANKAR MAJUMDAR works out of our Kolkata, India office and is our Assistant Manager of Data Breach Review. He is charged
with helping oversee and supervise the Cybersecurity Incident Response activities and is a member is the
Company’s Data Security Committee.

Dipankar started his career in 2014 with Quislex reviewing and creating search terms for breaches on the
document review team. In 2016 Dipankar moved to civil practice where he worked as a Junior Advocate performing research and drafting petitions. He joined us in 2019 where he quickly rose from doing first line data breach review to answering team questions, working as a team lead and finally as the Assistant Manager. His quick grasp of data breach has been an asset to the company. His technical skills have been particularly useful in creating the notification lists.

Dipankar obtained his B.Com (Honors in Accountancy) from Kalyani University in 2010 and his LLB from Burdwan University in 2013.

Tanmoy Sukul

Nakul Nasa

NAKUL NASA works out of our Noida, India office and is our Manager of Contracts Review. He leads a dynamic team based in our India office, dedicated to extracting complex contractual provisions and requirements from vast contract repositories using cutting-edge AI tools. Nakul has gained significant experience in the legal process outsourcing space with Mind Merchants, American Cybersystems, Inc. etc. He excels in translating complex contractual information into easily understood formats, enabling clients to make informed decisions. Committed to delivering exceptional results, he thrives in dynamic environments that demand precision, adaptability, and innovative approaches. He is passionate about leveraging technology to drive efficiency and empower businesses in their contract management endeavours.

Nakul completed his BBA.LLB in 2016 and LLM in 2021 from ICFAI University, Dehradun.

Tanmoy Sukul

Ehtesham Karim

EHTESHAM KARIM works out of our Kolkata, India office and serves as the Assistant Manager of the Contracts Team. With 7 years of experience in the Contract Lifecycle Management industry, Ehtesham brings extensive knowledge and expertise to our organization. Since joining us in 2020, he has made a significant impact on our contract management processes, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Ehtesham’ s meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of contract intricacies ensures successful outcomes, enabling our clients to navigate risks and seize opportunities. His prior experience was at CPA Global and Conduent Business Services India LLP (previously known as Xerox Business Services).”

He completed his schooling at Victoria Boys’ School, where he developed a strong academic foundation. He further enhanced his expertise in the legal domain by earning a law degree from the prestigious University of Delhi.

Tanmoy Sukul

Karan Bambroo

KARAN BAMBROO works out of our Noida, India office and is our Assistant Manager of Data Breach Review team. He is entrusted with supervising and overseeing the Noida Data Breach Team.

Commencing his professional journey in 2017 with Integreon, Karan specialized in reviewing and formulating search terms for breaches as part of the Data Breach Review team. Transitioning to UnitedLex, he continued to refine his expertise, subsequently joining our team in 2021. Since joining us, Karan’s trajectory has been marked by rapid advancement. Initially starting as a Team Lead, he swiftly progressed to responsibilities such as conducting quality checks, addressing team inquiries, drafting queries for client daily status reports, and leading the team. One of Karan’s standout attributes is his proficiency in training newcomers on the Data breach matters, a skill that has proven invaluable to the company. His meticulous attention to detail and thorough subject matter understanding has been a significant asset, bolstering the company’s capabilities in data breach management.

Karan’s proficiency in review platforms has played a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality outcomes to clients. He is a driven and results-oriented professional who has made significant contributions to the field of data breach management.

Karan holds a (BA LLB) degree from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, obtained in 2016, followed by a Master of Laws (LLM) specializing in Corporate, Banking, and Insurance Laws from Amity University, Noida, completed in 2017.

Tanmoy Sukul

Aniruddha Sarkar

ANIRUDDHA SARKAR works out of our Kolkata, India office and serves as an Assistant Manager of the Contracts Team. Aniruddha is an accomplished legal professional with a strong background in Contract Lifecycle Management. With six years of industry experience, Aniruddha is dedicated to ensuring compliance and efficiency in legal processes.

Aniruddha began his career journey in 2018 at Dwf Mindcrest as a Legal Researcher, quickly transitioning to roles in Contract Compliance and Litigation processes. Demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication, he joined our Contracts team in 2021 as a Senior Legal Associate. Throughout his tenure, Aniruddha has managed key projects and taken on the responsibility of training new team members in the intricate AYS (After You Sign) process, later shifting to the BYS (Before You Sign or redlining) process.

Now serving as the Assistant Manager, Aniruddha spearheads the training initiatives for the redlining process, ensuring that new resources are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in this critical aspect of contract management. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of leadership, Aniruddha continues to drive innovation and efficiency in the Contract Lifecycle Management industry, making significant contributions to the success of our organization.

Aniruddha completed his BA.LLB (Honors)  in 2017 from Tripura Central University. He furthered his academic credentials with a Master of Laws (LLM) specializing in the Constitution of India in 2018.