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Data Breach Notification Document Review

When a data breach takes place, notifying those affected must be done quickly, thoroughly, precisely and reliably.

The context in which we perform our data breach notification document review is that we are engaged soon after a determination has been made that there was a breach. Typically, particularly for the reviews we perform for the largest consultancies, a tool has already been selected for our use. Those tools are often litigation document review tools, such as Relativity, which may or may not be custom-built for this use. When we have input in the choice of platform, we often suggest a tool designed specifically for this purpose, namely Canopy, https://www.canopyco.io/

Once we receive an assignment, we immediately assemble our team of experienced lawyers/reviewers on the project and they work furiously, long hours, and often weekends, if required, to meet the typically very tight deadlines associated with this type of work. What makes our solution different isn’t only that our reviewers get to work immediately and work hard. Many review teams outside of the US are available immediately and many of their employees work hard, too. What makes us different is our security, both physical and data, the quality of our work, ensured through our experience, and our pricing.


We are certified as compliant with ISO data standard 27001. We have redundant personal security, including biometric access into and out of any document review room. The data we review stays in the United States, and we are granted access to it remotely. No cell phones are allowed in our document review rooms and the computers in the rooms are connected to a local area network. Other than the instance of Relativity or other platform, the reviewers do not have general access to the internet from the document review room. The computers are not hooked up to a printer and the USB ports are disabled. It is a dark environment.

People who have had their data compromised deserve, at the very least, to have all reasonable steps taken so that their data is not exposed again.


Our price point is lower than any other LPO. Our pricing is at one charge for all lawyers, the front-line reviewers, the US lawyers who manage the review and our tech lawyer specialists. We can deliver pricing either on an hourly or per document basis. We can either include the processing and hosting piece as part of, or not as part of, our solution. Any way you slice it, our pricing is lower than others.

Who we work with.

We are one of only two review partners approved by Canopy, the tool of choice of data breach professionals. We work with Cyber security and Incident Response teams and the lawyers that manage those relationships to identify protected data that has been compromised so that the affected individuals and entities can be notified of the compromise of their information. The point of contact is an Amlaw lawyer who has a diversified team of lawyers and data and computer scientists to assist in obtaining and presenting the data as requested.

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