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Legal Outsourcing 2.0 News

Harry Buck hosts New York chapter ACEDS event

Our CEO, Harry Buck, who is also President of the ACEDS (Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists) New York Chapter, hosted the first in-person meeting of the ACEDS chapter since the beginning of the pandemic over the weekend. This event was a great opportunity for e-Discovery professionals from the metropolitan area to meet and discuss current issues facing the industry in a social setting. It was great to see everyone who attended and to see that New York still represents such a strong and growing legal services industry. We are looking forward to many more events like this in the coming year.

New CTO Shampa Nayak joins LO2

New CTO Shampa Nayak

We are pleased to announce that Shampa Nayak has joined LO2 as our CTO. Her addition is a great boon to the company and will help us to improve out ability to maintain the most secure and forward thinking environment for our clients and their sensitive work. Shampa joins us after an illustrious 17 year career working in various roles spanning network operations, server administration and system administration. She is used to managing large technology teams across multiple projects at every level of the system administration infrastructure. Her approach has always focused on industry-leading security protocols and innovation. Her expertise in information management made her an advantageous addition to our team as we continue to grow our client base and team sizes as a result of a growing demand for legal outsourcing services in data breach, e-discovery and contract management. Because of Shampa’s emphasis on keeping information secure through her creative administrative processes, she will be indispensable in continuing our growth while maintaining the highest service and security levels.

Previously, Shampa has worked at such large entities as Tata Consultancy, Johnson & Johnson and Hewlett Packer. In all of these roles she managed data across multiple service levels and secure environments. Shampa graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from Vidyasagar University and is PMP, Oracle, IBM and PLM certified.

New Office for Legal Outsourcing 2.0, Inc

New Office for LO2

Legal Outsourcing 2.0, Inc is pleased to announce that Legal O2, the Indian operating company of LO2, has closed on a new office in Noida, a suburb of Delhi. Namrata Dutta, the Manger of Contracts and one of the Directors of Legal O2 has moved from Kolkata and will be heading up the new office. Nakul Nasa, Assistant Manager of Contracts will continue to work from Kolkata.  Both will continue to head up LegalSifter projects from their respective offices.

Legal O2’s Kolkata office will continue to be led by Navonil Bhattachrya, who heads up Reviews and Technology teams.  He is currently preparing for his CEDS exam.  Tanmoy Sukul, who manages the data breach teams, will also continue to work from Kolkata.

Legal O2 currently has about 30 employees working remotely from the Delhi area who will be working from the Noida office when it is fully operational in May.  Additionally, many of the other vendors who provide services in the data breach space, such as UnitedLex and Integreon, have offices in the area and many of their employees have expressed a desire to join Legal O2 once the Noida space is available.

The Noida office seats more than 120 employees and will help accommodate the expected growth of an additional 100 employees in 2022, many of which will be filled on the data breach teams responding to cybersecurity incidents.

ACEDS AI Series - Part IV: The Process of Innovation in the Legal Space

ACEDS AI Series - Part IV: The Process of Innovation in the Legal Space

Come join us as our CEO Harry Buck moderates a discussion on modern innovation in the legal field. This series provides a glimpse into the future and how we will all be performing legal work in the years to come. You can register here.


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